[International Blogger] Join the International Blogger List!

Hello everyone! Welcome to another post for the international blogger series! To see all the other posts from this series, click here to check it out! It might be useful to you!

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top ten 2020 highly anticipated releases | BEWinter 2k19

HELLO EVERYONE. Are you excited for 2020? I am. New releases are coming out every single day so after we make our christmas wishlist it is time to make out top ten highly anticipated releases of 2020! I don’t know why I like to torture myself by limiting the number of books but lets move on…

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gingerbread latte tag | BEWinter 2k19

Hello everyone welcome to the gingerbread latte tag. This is a classic christmas drink at  Starbucks. A little bit of introduction, the beloved gingerbread latte features warm flavors of gingerbread combined with espresso and steamed milk. Finish with a spice infused whipped cream and brown sugar drizzle

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