[International Bloggers] Guide to Blog Tours

Hello peeps! Welcome back into another post of the international blogger series, today I'm going to talk in detail on different types of blog tour and where to sign up and how to join them! Without further ado, let's hop right in! Today I'm going to talk all about blog tour hosted on blogs not … Continue reading [International Bloggers] Guide to Blog Tours

The Umbrella Academy Tag

let me just put it up here: I LOVE THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY.  I watched the whole season within a few days and I cannot wait for season 2. When I saw paperfury doing this tag I simply cannot resist! You can find the original booktuber’s video here! 1. HELLO: NAME THE BEST FIRST BOOK IN A … Continue reading The Umbrella Academy Tag

[International Bloggers] What is an ARC? Where do I get them?

Hello! If you all didn't know, I'm an international blogger (which means I am not based in USA/UK) which ahem kinda sucks. I will probably a list of cons of being an international blogger down there somewhere. I am starting this series which includes guides, posts related to international blogger problem and general blogging guide/help! … Continue reading [International Bloggers] What is an ARC? Where do I get them?