[International Bloggers] Guide to Blog Tours

Hello peeps! Welcome back into another post of the international blogger series, today I’m going to talk in detail on different types of blog tour and where to sign up and how to join them! Without further ado, let’s hop right in!

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My House is Burning Down! Which 5 Books Should I Save?

Bello, here’s my third and last post of bookending spring. Today’s prompt is Your house is burning down, quick! Save 5 books! But which? Isn’t this torture? ahem who even thought of doing this? This prompt is hosted by Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things ! Go check out her original post. Now,Let’s get onto it. *its torture time*

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5 Benefits of Buying Physical Books

WOO second post of bookending spring #BEspring2019. Today’s prompt is 5 benefits of buying physical books which is hosted my Michelle@ Michelle Like Things.  The prompt is meant to be comparing buying physical books and arcs, library books, ebooks etc. But in this post I’m just comparing buying physical books in comparison to ebooks.

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