[International Bloggers] What is an ARC? Where do I get them?

Hello! If you all didn’t know, I’m an international blogger (which means I am not based in USA/UK) which ahem kinda sucks. I will probably a list of cons of being an international blogger down there somewhere. I am starting this series which includes guides, posts related to international blogger problem and general blogging guide/help!

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You probably always see people saying being an international blogger sucks, but you don’t exactly know why? Well, here are a few of them.

  • there are NONE book festivals or huge fairs where you can meet authors you LIKE
  • basically impossible to get physical ARCs
  • hard to get eARCs
  • hard to find english books in your local library/bookstore ( when you are located in a country where english is not the first language)
  • hard to find local fellow bloggers who also live around the same area as you
  • english books are incredibly expensive
  • libraries are out of date
  • … bookstores too
  • unless the book is super famous wait for a few months till it actually arrive to your local bookstore
  • wait for another few months for it to arrive the library

Here is just a short short list of disadvantages of being an international blogger! BUT, some of you who are reading this may not be a blogger, maybe you are a bookstagrammer, booktuber. You just joined the bookish world and wondering what the heck are these people talking about? Are they talking in another language?? Why do people do so many book reviews? Where do they get all those money to buy books?

And most importantly WHAT ARE ARCS?????

  • Advanced Reader Copies also known as galley/proofs but most people just called it ARC in short
  • they are uncorrected copies of books sent out for review purposes (for YOUR EYES only)
  • there are two forms of ARCs : physical or electronically (aka eARCs)

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So in this post I’m mainly gonna talk about where to get eARCs and possibly HOW in another post! GOOD NEWS YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER TO GET ARCs. How? *cues drumroll* you can be a reviewer! As long as you have a Goodreads/amazon acc to post reviews you are good to go! In addition to that of course you can post your review on instagram/youtube or other platforms, I’m sure the publisher will be thrilled you did that.


I mostly use netgalley because it is incredibly user friendly and you will get eARCs in no time! Don’t be afraid! Set up your account and start reading! As for Edelweiss, I recently started using it a bit more if you don’t know Edelweiss… is comparatively not so user friendly so I would recommend you exploring Netgalley first!

I got over 200 eARCs on my kindle and started getting eARCs before I even start blogging, so don’t be scared GO AHEAD! and no I’m not sponsored by Netgalley pshh I WISH 

Heres an extremely simple guide to types of request on Netgalley:

  • wish for a book. Wishing for a book is extremely hard, getting books from wishing it is a miracle I’ve never succeeded in that
  • request a book. Requesting a book is the most common way of getting an ARC but it really depends on the book you’re requesting and which publisher. I get approved for about 70-80% of the books I request but some may deny my request because I’m international and the book they’re promoting doesn’t sell in my country!
  • a “Read Now” book. You can get a Read now book definitely, everyone can read those

Please don’t worry about being a small blog, I definitely recommend you set up a NG acc right now, trust me I don’t think you will regret it.

Now now onto BLOG TOURS (only for bookstagrammers or bloggers) 

There are a lot of companies out there that host book tours for authors, you can choose what kind of post you’d like to post on your blog, interview,guest post, reviews to post on your day to host.

  1. you sign up on their page to be a host
  2. normally you wait for their newsletter
  3. see a tour you are ACTUALLY INTERESTED
  4. sign up in their google form
  5. wait for their email (maybe a few days or few weeks depending when is the blog tour)
  6. you receive their email
  7. check for your hosting day
  8. (if you are doing a review post) they send you an eARC!
  9. download it to your kindle
  10. read it
  11. post your review and everything else on the tour kit!

There you go! I’ve seen a few acc for book tours on instagram but for different countries so its not for every country but still some of you might be able to get on a few book tours if their programme included your country!

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That’s it for my introduction for this series of posts! What do you think? Anything else to add on to it? I will do a more detailed post on how EXACTLY can you get them. Stay tuned for more!


16 thoughts on “[International Bloggers] What is an ARC? Where do I get them?

  1. great post! if you do more information i’d be interested in any bloggers or groups we should be following/subscribe to in order to participate in blog tours, i kind of randomly stumble upon some on my twitter TL but i feel like i always miss the ones i REALLY want Orz

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  2. Great post!! I am an international book blogger and I ,unfortunately,relate to everything listed here. I use edelweiss to request books at the moment since I’m not old enough(still not 18 yo) to use Netgalley.
    Could you please list on the next post some blog tours because I hardly see one interesting, or if they’RE interesting I can’t; because I’m an international blogger🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I should probably admit I’m under 18 and I’m not aware of the rule…. But with Netgalley listing so much YA even middle grade books I think its only logical they lower the age requirement! I mean I know A LOT of people who are under 18 using netgalley and there are really no consequences to this as they don’t really verify your age (like facebook and instagram). FYI I’m not encouraging you to do so just telling you the actual situation out there. And as on the blog tour post I can only list out tour host website for you to sign up as a tour host. Since everyone has different preferred genres it is simply impossible to list out all blog tours, and believe me when you sign up as a tour host on all the sites your inbox will be FLOODING with blog tours for you to choose. And I don’t really use twitter to find blog tours as they are mostly….well… boring to me haha #sorrynotsorry 😛


  3. oooof yeah it’s really unfortunate that publishing is so US/UK centered. this is definitely a super helpful post, though, and I’m sure it’ll be a great resource for beginning and/or international readers! (though I will say I kind of regret getting a Netgalley account, because I’ve been buried in ARCs for the past few months 😅)

    Kal @ Reader Voracious has a great Edelweiss guide that makes the site much easier to understand, which I would definitely recommend! she also runs Flapping Pages for international readers, which readers can donate/receive print ARCs from 😉

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    1. Haha thank you! I think everyone signed up on Netgalley has been buried in a pile of ARCs… Also thank you for introducing me to Kal’s post I’ll be sure to link to my other post if I ever talk about edelweiss!

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  4. I thought this was a good post for helping international bloggers, it’s hard to know where to start and I completely agree, for those getting started, NetGalley is definitely great! I hope people swing by and use your tips to help them!

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  5. Those are some sensible tips and suggestions. As an international blogger, I so understand the pain you mentioned. I hope things change soon enough.

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