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My House is Burning Down! Which 5 Books Should I Save?

Bello, here’s my third and last post of bookending spring. Today’s prompt is Your house is burning down, quick! Save 5 books! But which? Isn’t this torture? ahem who even thought of doing this? This prompt is hosted by Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things ! Go check out her original post. Now,Let’s get onto it. *its torture time*

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^BOOM there you go, let me tell you it was a tough tough challenge doing this.

First of all I would need a classic and a favourite to cheer me up if my house is literally burning. Which in this case I’m choosing Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter , have been reading it since small I have to had it with me.

Second, remember me is possibly my favourite stand-a-lone book from Sophie Kinsella so I’m taking that with me as well. No way I’m gonna left it there to burn 😦 Also sophie Kinsella’s books tend to make me laugh, in such a bad situation I think I need a book to cheer me up otherwise I would die of depression…

Third, the hating game. In case you don’t know I loved Sally Thorne’s debut novel hm this actually reminds me I don’t have the chance to read 99 percent mine yet. I will buy it some time later. Don’t panic, I will buy it. Anyways, this is going to be the book to put me on a light heart and calm down a bit.

Fourth, the first book of the Rick Riordan series Heroes of Olympus called the Lost Hero. Honestly, I’m a HUGE HUGE fan of Rick Riordan and I just CANNOT NOT take at least one of his books with me, this book is obviously a book to lose myself in and also of course make me laugh, Rick Riordan always pit in some humor in his books and I love his style of writing.

Fifth , Descendant of the Crane, I recently finished this baby and I loved it! Being a chinese, I’m so glad there are more POC reps out there and this is possibly one of the best books I’ve read so far, it actually reminds me of the chinese drama that we chinese make haha! Of course except the magic part. I love this book, I only recently got it I don’t want to lose it yet. Gotta take it with me!

These bright purple indigo teal watercolor bouquets will be great for wedding or baby shower inviatiotions, logo designs, wall decor art, romantic scrapbooking conpositions and many more.Use th

That’s it for today’s post, hmm such a short post! (much shorter than what I usually write oh well) also note that I’m looking for someone to guest post on my blog in june! click here to sign up!  

What about you guys? What kind of books will you choose? Do you think I made the right choice?


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18 thoughts on “My House is Burning Down! Which 5 Books Should I Save?

  1. If my house was burning down I’d probably grab 5 of my collectors editions. I’d grab my Strange The Dreamer Illumicrate Exclusive, my Nevernight Waterstones Hardcover, my out of print SIGNED Leigh Bardugo Wonder Woman, my out of print hidden-cover design Caraval and then probably my Goldsboro City of Brass. I’d be devastated to lose any of these and, in the case of a fire, these are the ones that I could sell for the most to be able to buy some of my favourites back.

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    1. Hmm that’s actually a good choice! Unfortunately I don’t have any collectors/special editions of any specific book so I’m just gonna grab my favorite books! But if I have any collectors edition I’d totally grab those with me too! Wise choice!!


  2. Yep, I think you made the right choice by saving these books! 😂 I’ve only read two of them, Harry Potter and the Lost Hero, but they all look like great reads! I, personally, can’t bring myself to answer this prompt because, ugh, you’re right, it’s utter torture! I mean, I know that one of the books I’d save would probably be a Percy Jackson novel because yesss we love ourselves some Rick Riordan 😁 As for the rest, I really can’t decide lol!!!

    Anyways, great post, I had fun reading this!

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  3. Aah I love your answers! It’s fun that you chose books that would actually help you after you escaped your house with your books 😀 I’m so happy everyone seems to love DotC as much as I did! It makes me very happy 🙂 Thank you so much for doing my prompt ❤

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  4. Lovely choices and actually all of them are on my TBR, yes that’s right, I haven’t read HP yet, I’m going to be so unpopular but I’ve got the entire new edition and I’m starting them next month! I read 99 Percent Mine and it was good but I’ve been hearing that The Hating Game is excellent.

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    1. HOW COULD YOU NOT READ HARRY POTTER! (I know! The new editions one are so pretty, lucky you *cries) 99 percent mine is good!! But in comparison I liked the hating game more. They’re both good but I think the setting of the story made me love the hating game more than 99 percent mine. Hehe I still love all of Sally Thorne’s books ❤


  5. DotC is AMAZING and should definitely be saved from the fire! I love HP but honestly I have the series practically memorized after rereading so many times, and there are so many copies out there that I might not grab it on my way out of the burning building, and (possibly unpopular opinion) The Lost Hero is actually one of my least favorite Riordan books – still great, but not the most engaging imo.

    I think I would save The Raven Cycle quartet because they’re my favorite works from my favorite author, and This Is How You Survive by Lana Rafaela Cindric because a) I know the author and she’s so lovely, and b) her poems got me through a rough period.

    also psssst you should pingback (link to) Michelle’s prompt post! 😉

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