Mini Update | When will I be back?

Unannounced, I have almost been on a hiatus for a year (except bookending winter which I resurfaced for a few days!) It was a much needed break for what’s going on in my life such a fun experience! Some of you maybe wondering what am I up to and why did I go MIA for so long? Here’s a mini update for everyone. I’m totally procrastinating by writing this post.

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Most of you may know, I’m still studying aka still under this hell the education system of Hong Kong. Good news is I am graduating this year, woohoo class of 2020! Bad news, well hmm I suppose it’s not bad news…. is I’m taking the public exam. Now our local public exam for university entrance is quite different from places around the world. It is sort of like A-levels, we take 4 core subjects (language subjects have 4 sub-papers which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking) and 2-4 electives. Exams start on the end of March to the end of May. Yes you heard me right the whole exam process takes 2 months. Everyone has different schedules as each studies different subject combinations. Mine ends around mid may.

Unlike SAT in the US, our public exam only take place once a year, if we failed it we either retake it the next year or just find some higher diploma to study somewhere else. It is sort like a once and for all chance for everyone to enter university.

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How did this turned into a 101 post to my local public exam structure. Sorry if I bored you lol. The reason for my on-and-off/constant hiatus is because I’m studying for the public exam in case it wasn’t obvious I will be back once my exam is 100% finished which I means

*drumroll please*Β 

I will be back in late may!

I have so many plans I want to carry out and talk about on my blog after my exam has ended. So stay tuned, and also if you are still here after all my rant ramblings about my exam then thank you!Β  *gives out virtual hugs*Β 

I will do a huge update post first thing first when I am out of the devil’s grasp.

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Wish me luck in my exam! What are you guys up to? Are you all having a great time?

*phew I manage to write this post in under 500 words*






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