Hello people on the internet! Here is my promised update post as promised, welcome to s17 ep x of my life. (ha! as if anyone would want to know)

As I have mentioned in my previous post  episode of my life, I was in the process of preparing my university entrance exam. I’m very excited to announce *drum roll please* THAT I”M DONE WITH THAT EXAM FINALLLYYYY. *cues happy dance* So now that I’m done with it, what will I do with my blog, bookstagram?

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Now that I have much more free time, 2 months of free time woww! I would have lots of time to read and do bookish stuff. I plan to post at least once per week on here, to be more active (get on the grind!) It will be probably primarily reviews and tags ( I love book tags, anyone are welcome to tag me on any tag. I will do it someday!) I already have a bunch of books that I want to read, ‘ve already ordered. I might do a haul post next. I also have a few discussion post lined up so watch out for that.

By the way did you guys notice I revamped my blog, we have new headers, new posters, new logos and such! What do you think of it? My major blog header is designed by Kat at Novels and Waffles, while I designed and updated all my blog post thumbnails hehe.

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In case you don’t know, I reactivated my bookstagram, I’m semi-active on there? I hope I will be posting every other day on there, I originally wanted to take photos today, but the sky is all gloomy and cloudy, guess that’s a no then. 😦 I”m pretty active on there, and sometimes hold sfs session with other bookstagrammers so feel free to check it out!

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I have thought of opening up a booktube channel but my insecure ass wouldn’t dare to show my face on camera. so it’s a maybe, I will definitely go dabble a little bit in editing in the future, maybe I’ll do so when I feel confident! But if you have any booktube videos you want to see from me feel free to comment down some ideas 😀

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I don’t know where I would head to university yet, i’m still hesitating. Meanwhile I know it is a hard time for everyone, stay safe and follow social distancing!


10 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE + I’M BACK!!

  1. OMG I’m in love with the new graphics you’ve done! Loving the main blog header too, welcome back lovely ❤ I just followed you on insta, apparently I wasn't already following you ooops, my bad. Eeek booktube, honestly I do not watch much booktube these days, I consume more lifestyle videos, although I've always appreciated reading vlogs on booktube hehe.

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  2. first of all, congrats on finishing your exam! I hope it went well and that you got the results you wanted. and two, welcome back! I’ll be looking forward to reading your reviews and tags in the future ❤


  3. hey, welcome back! Congrats on being done with your exam! I just had some admission tests/ interviews with unis a few weeks ago so I know how stressful it can be but I’m glad you’re free now!

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