My Thoughts on Wattpad

If you have followed me ages ago, you would’ve known I have 2 wattpad related series of blog post. They are wattpad romance recommendations and werewold wattpad recommendations. Recently, probably no one has noticed it yet but I have DELETED these two series from my blog. awww whyy?? 

In case you are not familiar with the app Wattpad, let me introduce a bit about the app. *ahem clears throat* according the web description, Wattpad is a website or app for readers and writers to publish new-user generated stories in different genres. Meaning everyone could upload their story up on Wattpad, causing varying quality of books on there. Some may be left unfinished on the app forever, sadly.

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Most people choose what story to read on wattpad according to the book rankings and popularity, there is an award named the Wattys so basically every year a series of books get awarded the title and they get to plaster the badge over their story cover to tell everyone they got the award, please come and read their book. I personally have spent all my middle school years reading and searching books on wattpad, also tried writing on their but lets just forget about that tragedy  so I do think I know a lot and have gathered a lot of experience on using the app expertly.

Indeed, book rankings and popularity is a great way to find a good book on wattpad, but there are also hidden gems, or books that deserve more attention hence my motivation to start my previous Wattpad related series.

In my middle school years, I loved Wattpad. English books are expensive here in Hong Kong, I’m not particularly specific into reading YA books so I’d settle for some chick-lit books. Did I mention the app is completely free at that time? Unfortunately, the app has updated which it now includes paid stories, in which it requires you to pay a certain amount for every chapter. But a few years back, how could I refuse free books? Plus its on an app so I could read it whenever, wherever I am. I would read it on the way to school, lunch break, on my way back home etc.

But after using the app for around 3 years, the story plot is getting repetitive, I can’t really find any gripping story that spiked my interest. Eventually I stopped using the app, and started reading more physical books, kindle books once again. Delve into the YA worlds, and found a good spot to read and never came out since.

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A few weeks back when I was revamping my blog, I came across my wattpad series again. It all seems so foreign, it doesn’t seem like “me” you know, I don’t think it would be authentic for me to write any “reviews” about it because I haven’t read on that app for such a long time

I logged into my wattpad account, intending to give it a second chance and look for synopsis that might catch my interest. I specifically searched for books that are complete, free and has lots of popularity (i.e. lots of views and likes) I read around 3 and I stopped. I CANNOT CONTINUE ANYMORE. I dnfed 1 of them, and the other 2 were not any good either. The main character does not make any sense at all, and I just want to scream at the screen the whole time. I was so going to dnf the other 2 but I pulled through.

After reading those 3, I’ve had enough. I decided I have already gave the app a fair chance, probably younger me thought it was a good app with decent books. But that is no longer the situation for me, as I read more professionally edited books, I can’t help catching many issues with this “raw manuscript” posted online. It was no longer enjoyable for me to read any story on there.

I’ve decided I will NEVER set foot on the app ever again, I’ll just leave it along with my middle school self, in a part of my brain forever. I have moved on from the app.

You might argue that the paid stories are of better quality. Maybe, but I’m sorry if i’m going to spend money on every chapter for a book online, I’d rather by a physical book or ebook that is properly edited and read through by publishers and editors.

This is why I discontinued the series on my blog and have deleted it from my blog. I no longer felt the words on the posts feel right to me. I hope you guys understand! I will be doing a ultimate and last recommendation on wattpad books because there are still a few that is worth the mention. And by a few I really meant a few HAHAHA no more then 3.

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Wow it has been a while since I wrote such a long discussion post!

What do you think of Wattpad, any similar feelings as mine?


19 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Wattpad

  1. I read one wattpad story but then Idiscovered NetGalley and stopped using Wattpad. I agree with you, sometimes we can discover great stories but as it’s a platform for whoever want to share story, some leave it unfinished because of one or more reasons.

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  2. I think I’ve only read one story, but I’ve seen books being published that were written and first published on Wattpad.. and they were .. not very good, to say the least xD I’m sure there are better stories, but I’d rather read finished books :p

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  3. Well about the part of the famous book, I decided to check them out today. To be honest, they were annoying. I found out the new books, undiscovered ones to be precise, are much better than the ones on the top. Sometimes I don’t understand how book that talks about the same thing another book said, wins the Wattys. I mean, aren’t they tired of reading the same thing all over?

    And the wattpad paid stories, I don’t have money for those, i joined wattpad for free books and seeing nice books, having to pay for them isn’t fun. And the coins are expensive.

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  4. Actually this is my second review/blog that I’m reading on word press and I’m okay with your point of view but I think wattpad is a good platform for both readers and writers cause in my country also English books are so expensive and I thinks it’ll give us chance to read a book without cost nothing and I might say they still have most famous and good editing books for free

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  5. To be honest, Wattpad is my home. I’ve been there for four years now and grown into a better writer. There are amazing books on Wattpad if you’re willing to search for them. And Wattpad is a great avenue to build your fan base. Gather loyal readers who will follow you all the way to that point where you decide to self publish.

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  6. There are some fantastic stories on Wattpad. True some (and more often than naught) high ranking stories make me want to give up on Wattpad, but in the expanse of Wattpad is a sea of undiscovered talent.

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