Why should we limit ourselves in age groups of certain genres?

I have been meaning to write this post for quite a while, this idea once again popped in my head today so I thought why not? Its winter break and I have some spare time to whip out a discussion post.

I was inspired to write this post when my friend who got me a book as a christmas present said “I found this book from the young teens section, I didn’t realise the books you read are for that age group!” then continue to went on to joke on how I am 18 already yet I am reading books for 12-14 age group.

I know my friends made that joke not as a mean to degrade me but it left me confused and sort of angry. Now, the book I got is King of Scars which I think by all means belongs to the young adult genre. Or maybe its just the bookstore staff had a weird way of sorting out books I HAD NO IDEA why would anyone put this book in the young teens section.

Then I thought even if I really did want to read a book from the young teens section, SO WHAT? As long as I am happy while I am reading, what is the problem with it. According to this logic, should I be reading self care or business books by the time I am 40? Now now don’t get me wrong of course there is no problem with reading self care or business books, but why is there a stereotype to which age group should be reading what kind of books?

For me, books provide me a safe bubble to escape from reality and just drown myself into the wonders of different fantasy worlds. I am sure a lot of fellow bibliophiles feel the same way as me. Which led to 90% of the books I read are Non-fiction/ YA/ NA. As long as I am content with reading these books I will continue on doing so even till the day I die.

To be honest I understand why there is a need for genres to label the books (you need to put it on bookshelves) but why is there an age range to go along with it? what’s the purpose? For all I know ( I might be wrong here, take it with a grain of salt.) the category NA was created because YA readers aged and matured but they are still stuck to reading YA books. Hence a new genre was created to cater the “aged” YA group of readers.

Phew, so that is all for my little rant today! How are you guys? Is 2020 treating you well? I hope everyone is safe and healthy! Happy Holidays!

P.S. I’ve been MIA for so long in the bookish community, what are some of your most anticipated release next year? TELL ME! 🙂


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