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If you need a passionate, objective, honest, and analytical beta reader then allow me to help you further improve your work (your baby)! You will have more insight into what a reader desire in a well written novel. Let’s get into the information:


Genres I LOVE to read:
YA, Sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, dystopian, Adventure

Erotica, Non-fiction, religious, political

I’m keeping an open mind for manuscripts that fall outside the genres I read as long it has a positive healthy message, so send me a message via my contact form and we can take it further from there.


$0. 001USD per word. ( additional 10% transaction fee not included as paypal takes away part of the money )

What you’ll get

What I’ll do:
• Read your manuscript from the POV of a reader
• Offer constructive criticism & suggest improvements from a reader’s POV
• Provide 100% honest feedback
What I won’t do
• Line by line editing/analysis
• Find all your grammar mistakes ( unless the grammar affects hugely on reading the story smoothly)
• Rewrite your work
• Take away your voice as an author
• Share or expose your unpublished work


I normally finish it within 2-3 weeks but if you have any specific deadline please tell me prior to giving me the ARC. thank you!

If you still have any questions regarding the beta reading feel free to message me on Goodreads or here .

Wishing you all the best. Thank You!


Anisa did a great job in beta reading my light-hearted contemporary romantic fiction. She highlighted both the strengths and the weaknesses, and her feedback covered all such aspects as storyline, story flow, characterisation, writing style, pacing, setting and so on. Thank you so much, Anisa!

-Ramla Zareen