Hello! Welcome to my contacts page! If you’re thinking of sending me a message then there may be several reasons of why you are here:

  • you’re an author and hope that I could review your book or beta read your book
  • you’re an author and you hope to have access to my international blogger list
  • you’re a fellow blogger and would like apply for a guest post 


For reviewing requests please check out my review policy page for more details. Make sure to read everything before sending a message!

For beta reading services, visit my author services page, more details will be enlisted on it. I will gladly help you if you have any enquiries or confirmation needed.

If you want access to my international blogger list just shoot me a message below with your name and purpose of it. A little bit about the list, it composes of a list of international bloggers of their origin, blog and preferred genres. If you hope your book to reach a global audience this will be a great tool for you to do so! You can sort reviewers accordingly and find suitable ones and make requests for them to review your book. Even if I am not accepting review requests you can sought after suitable bloggers in this list!

disclaimer: By no means does this guarantee those bloggers will review your book, the list is only a tool for you to find suitable reviewers. The decision will be by the bloggers alone.

the list will be only for author’s use only, do not try to leak or transfer it without my consent. Actions will be taken if found.


things to mention in the message below

  • Quickest way to get in contact with you (email, twitter ,instagram, blogs contact form etc)
  • Topic for your guest post
  • how much time would you need to write the post
  • which month would you like me to post it
  • list all of your social media so i could include in the post

Now you’re all good to go! I’ll reply everyone ASAP! don’t be afraid to send a form , I don’t bite. 😛