[International Bloggers] Guide to Blog Tours

Hello peeps! Welcome back into another post of the international blogger series, today I’m going to talk in detail on different types of blog tour and where to sign up and how to join them! Without further ado, let’s hop right in!

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Today I’m going to talk all about blog tour hosted on blogs not those held on social media like instagram etc I still need to explore more of those comparatively.

First up, let me introduce around 10 big bookish blog tour hosts, these websites let authors book their tour services and hold tours and blitz to promote their book release or cover release etc. By signing up as their tour host, they will send you an email whenever they have a new tour available for sign up or when there is a new tour that suits your genre chosen when you sign up! By the time you have sign up, in the next few days, your inbox will be flooded with tours for you to choose!


You have a 95% chance of getting to be one of the tour host once you sign up. Please consider clearly if you really want to read that book or else you will be stacked with tours, you might face the consequence of having tours in the same day, don’t have enough time to finish all the arcs, forgetting you have what tour because you signed up too much. (yes those all happened to me, trust me you don’t want to experience that it won’t do you any good.)

^make sure you’ve read the disclaimer! It’s for your own good.

Okay. Now that you’ve done that, its time for me to introduce the tour hosts company! Just click the button below and it will lead you to the web. Sign up as a tour host and you’re done! If the photos don’t work, scroll down for the company’s name and click on it.

The Fantastic Flying Book Club Chapter by ChapterXpresso Book Tours  Buoni Amici Press, LLCbanner Lola's Blog ToursPromotional Book Tours  Loving the BookRABT Book Tours & PR

[In order with the buttons above]

Fantastic Flying book club | Chapter by Chapter | Xpresso Book Tour | Rock Star Book Tours | Bewitching Book Tours | Jean Book Nerd | Buoni Amici Press | Lola’s Blog tours | Pb tours | Silver Dagger Book Tour | Loving the book | RABT Book Tours & PR

These bright purple indigo teal watercolor bouquets will be great for wedding or baby shower inviatiotions, logo designs, wall decor art, romantic scrapbooking conpositions and many more.Use th

Now you started to receive email about different blog tours. You found the one you wanted to participate in. You clicked on the sign up link and you see…. so many variety of post to chose from. WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE???? Now this is the second thing I’m telling you in this post :D.

Second, what you need to know is what kind of book blog tours are there, when you’re signing up you will usually provide your email, blog name, blog url etc etc the usual data. The form will also ask what type of post you will be doing so I am going to explain what do all those weird wordings mean! ( I mean are those even english? ) Don’t fret, this post is here to help you with it!

Release day/week blitz

This is posted on the day the book is released or the same week, the tour host company will normally provide all information for you to promote. Review are not always necessary in release blitzes, reviews are also not that common in this type of promotion.

Trailer reveal blast / Trailer reveal

Theres a trailer soon to be released, tour host company will provide all information for you to promote. Reviews are very rare in this sort of events, as the purpose of the event is to promote the trailer.

Cover reveal

This is similar to trailer review but it is to reveal a book cover (important, i know!) instead of a trailer.

Blog Tour

  • review: you post basic information of the book and also your review
  • excerpt: basic information of the book + an excerpt from the book
  • guest post: you may provide a topic to ask the author to guest post on your blog
  • interview: you may interview the author or a main character from the book + basic information of the book
  • pre-made content: basic information + a few pre-made graphics and stuff
  • creative post: playlist for the book, favourite quotes etc etc, creative post usually require you to review the book as well.

These bright purple indigo teal watercolor bouquets will be great for wedding or baby shower inviatiotions, logo designs, wall decor art, romantic scrapbooking conpositions and many more.Use th

If you sign up for a tour please do remember to post on time and post everything that requires you to post, trust works both ways. It is best you take note of every blog tour post you have to post or else you will get all confused and too stressful!

So that’s all for my post about blog tours! Did I miss anything? What should I talk next in this series?


18 thoughts on “[International Bloggers] Guide to Blog Tours

  1. Ooh, great post!! You managed to cover all of the important info on blog tours, and let me tell you, had I found this post a year ago, it would’ve helped tons!!! Great for new bloggers 😀
    Also, it’s always refreshing yo see fellow international bloggers; as a fellow intl (from Romania though), just wanted to drop by and tell you that you have my follow!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much (and also for the follow!) I hoped I could help more people but my blog is still small and not exactly reaching a lot of people.. heh. Btw its so cool you’re from Romania, I’ve never met anyone that’s from there!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is very helpful for anyone who isn’t familiar with tours! And I’ve found a couple new tour hosts, thanks to this post. I do most of mine through Xpresso or iRead or Rachel’s Random Resources. They’re my favorites, because I know what to expect and enjoy working with them. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Thank you for this useful post! As an international I rarely participate in the book tours, but I might just yet. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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