Oh no! Power Blackout During Snowstorm! | BEWinter2k19

Hello everyone. Long time since I posted anything I knoww, but the point is I’m back and I am now one of the host of BE Winter 2019! I’ll be hosting for four days and today is my first! Happy blogging and merry reading?? loll

For today’s prompt we all have to imagine ourselves in a snowstorm with a power blackout. You can only bring 3 books along with you to your room and comfort yourself while the power is out. Which books will you bring?

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1.The Hating Game  by Sally Thorne

25883848. sy475 reason: I definitely need a book that can cheer me up and lift up my mood. Any OG readers of mine would know I am a HUGE fan of Sally Thorne’s debut book! It is my kind of romance and I enjoy it tremendously every time I read it. The hate-to-love trope is my favourite and the way she wrote their relationship, ahh just how I like it and give me the feels. One of the reason of why I like the book so much is probably because I’m short as well. I basically have the same height as shortcake (5″0 rip) so I find her height struggles extremely relatable. Still no matter what, I will bring this book along with me for sure.


2. Can you keep a secret? by Sophie Kinsella

Can You Keep a Secret?reason: honestly I don’t think its a surprise I added a Sophie Kinsella book in here. Her being one of my favourite authors, how can I not include her? One of the major reasons to bring one of her books is they are absolutely hilarious and manage to crack me up every single time. And if I am stuck in a power blackout and snowstorm this book can help me relieve my worsened mood.  I choose this specific one because this is one of the most unique and funny plot I’ve ever read as well as interesting love storyline haha.



3. Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone  by J.K. Rowling

3. sy475 Now I know its probably a bit to cliche to put harry potter in here. However I must put a fantasy book somehow within these 3 books. You can easily drown yourself in a fantasy book and just forget what you are going through currently. This is also one of the reasons of why I enjoy reading fantasy books so much, you can just enclose yourself in your imaginary bubble/ island and shut out the world and live happily in your own world even though if it is shortlived. Especially Harry Potter is a classic and I love all the magic and spells inside the book also holds lots of childhood memory of me reading it so it would definitely give me comfort in such a situation.

These bright purple indigo teal watercolor bouquets will be great for wedding or baby shower inviatiotions, logo designs, wall decor art, romantic scrapbooking conpositions and many more.Use th

What kinds of books would you have choose? Why? What do you think of my choices?


14 thoughts on “Oh no! Power Blackout During Snowstorm! | BEWinter2k19

  1. Such a fun prompt! Haha, yes Harry Potter!! Romance movies would definitely be a good choice for a black out. Sit there, reading by candlelight (if it’s dark out) and off you go spending time with the characters!

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  2. Ah I love this prompt! I’d probably bring Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare, Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse and probably a fluffy contemporary for the last one? Hmmm probably The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak as its a cute contemporary that would calm me in a blackout. Then again all these books would haha.

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  3. Oh I still need to read The hating game! However, I will pick some bigger books myself because I’m a fast reader.

    You will find my spin on this prompt tomorrow afternoon, a lot later than I’d anticipated, I’m so sorry!

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